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Sisel has the best compensation plan in the entire history of our industry. We pay out Double what our top two competitors do. Nobody else even comes close to our compensation plan.

We manufacture and distribute Cutting-edge, breakthrough health & wellness products that people want and need – 15 different product lines, totaling over 150 products. We’re also squarely in the market segment poised for explosive growth in this decade – Health, Wellness, & Longevity.

SISEL has Zero Debt. We own our $150 Million manufacturing facility outright, and we already manufacture products for over 100 other companies, generating $100 Million in additional annual revenue. They help pay our manufacturing overhead costs — so we can pay more $$$ to you!


Sisel is already open in 37 countries, but just launched in the US market in October 2011. It’s a ground floor opportunity here in the U.S. – yet international growth opportunities are also available right now…

Proven Leadership track record: The founder of SISEL took his previous company to $1 Billion in annual revenue. Our founder also created over 1,000 Home Business Millionaires in his previous company in the process. His goal is to create over 10,000 new Millionaires with SISEL International. why not be one of them?

There truly is nobody else like us in the industry.

This could be your home run opportunity…

Are you currently living the life of your dreams? If not, are you ready to take that first step to making a change?

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